In a distance learning environment, such as this course, what particular behaviour do you think is the most important for learners to acquire? As a participant in this class, use social learning theories as basis to make recommendations on how students in distance learning can help other to acquire this behaviour.

Answer:  I would say that Self-Regulation is the most important with all the behaviours in this course. One reason is that, in self-regulation, you are responsible for your own learning, success or failure.  This entails setting your own goals without the need of someone telling you what to do. You are very independent in monitoring your learning, your actions and reflect on your own strategies in learning. You do not blame other people if in case you are unable to reach your intended goal since you should be responsible for everything. Teachers are here to guide but not to spoon-feed every student. Self-regulation is very important specially since the teachers in distance education do not really meet the students and tell them what to do. You are responsible even when no one is looking at you.

Social learning theories is beneficial and can be recommended to students in distance education. You tend to be lazy when no one is telling you what to do in class. However, if you are able to observe every classmate you have by looking at their posts and responses on the forums, you will try to engage yourself and follow their footsteps. You learn from their posts and you try to send responses, whenever there is an answer to your responses or posts, you learn from them and the exchange of ideas is very beneficial in learning.


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