Final Entry for E-Journal

Final Entry for E-Journal

It has been a long journey to finally write the last entry for this e-journal for EDS 103. I must admit that I am not very good in Theories and I had a hard time understanding things in this subject. I had lapses in terms of writing the journals on time or even finishing the write ups most of the time. It has been hard trying to digest all the information in the reading materials, however, I had to do it and make sure that I at least understand or learn something from it.

The lack of motivation hits me right to the spot as I sometimes thought of not continuing this study. However, reading and noticing everyone trying to do their best in finishing the journals, it give me motivation what if they are able to do it, why can’t I? Reading the posts from my classmates made me think if how in the world they are able to do it? It came to mind that self-regulation exist to almost everyone.

I am challenged by my classmates to think about my views and my goals. I am inspired by their stories and their determination to finish this course. It has been a great journey and learning experience. When I enrolled in this class, I thought it is so easy since I have internet and all the resources online, however, when I am already working on the activities, I realized that I still have to think. Thoughts that is not answerable by the use of Google or Yahoo, and other search engines. I had to use my brain and all its knowledge to even answer a single question.

I can say that I have learned many things in this class. That will be confirmed once I have my final grades. I know I can be a better teacher given the chance that I am able to finish this course. Learning is a progress and I am riding that certain progress. I may not be the best student, however, I am trying my best to learn as much as possible and to pass all the class I am enrolled in.

Theoretical principles such as self-regulation got my attention. I thought I am a self-regulated person, but then, while I am reading through the processes and explanation, I am missing a lot. I thought I am self regulated, but then again, I was not able to finish or submit journals in a timely manner. A self regulated person is very responsible, reflecting back, I was lacking self-regulation.

Learning is progress and it will soon mean success!


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