Reciprocal Interaction

In this 21st century that we are in, a lot of factors are affecting a childs learning. According to Bandura, each and every components play an important role.

Environment plays a very crucial role since we all know that experience is the best teacher someone experiences. When nature comes in, the environment or surroundings are the first few mediums wherein we learn something, whether it is good or bad. It is always a matter of observation. When a person or a learner see something done by someone who he/she respected, idolize, or fear about, will definitely either follow or do what that certain person he/she observed.

When it comes to behaviour, you always influence the people around you when on how you feel or what you feel. When you come in to class disturbed and being able to concentrate, it always followed by a seatmate of a friend getting disinterested with the class amd follow your emotions or behaviours towards the class. It is true that when someone has high regards to learning, he/she cannot be distracted very easily, however, with a negative attitude, it has a negative impact towards learning.

A “real world” scenario in a class: you come to school and you are so distracted by your propblems at home. The very first person who will notice your behaviour would be your seatmate or your friend. What will happen is that, once you told your friend about it, it is more likely that he/she will be affected and both of you will be distracted for the entire class or much worse, for the whole day.


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