Behavioral Theories

1. What are your predominant practices in your home with respect to reinforcing behaviors and modifying behaviors?

ANSWER. Premack principle is often used at home specially to my nephews and nieces. As discussed in the module that the premack principle is a useful strategy to organize and get tasks done according to priority (Slavin, 2006). For example my nephews and nieces are told to eat their food so then can go out and play. This type of reinforcement is rewarding to them since they are able to play after eating. Another example of predominant practices is rewarding family members for something good they have done. Another example of this would be rewarding my nephews when when finish their homework. A few rewards they get when they finish their homework would be extra playtime, they get goodies such as popsicles, specially during the summertime. This type of reinforcement falls under the Positive Reinforcement because it involves addition of something to increase their interest to learn or do their homework. Negative reinforcement is also common at home. Household tasks are lessen if my sister was able to get high grades for her quizzes. An example of this is that, instead of her cleaning the kitchen for the week, I will normally ask her to get good grades at school and I will clean the kitchen. This is negative reinforcement in a way that, I am decreasing the task she has to do if she studies better and get good grades.

2. How would you prefer behaviors regulated at home or in school?

ANSWER. At home, there are certain behaviors that needs to controlled. There are more undesirable behaviors that my nephews and nieces possesses than the desirable ones. They do not behave very badly however, they need more supervision and constant reminder in order for them to behave nicely. An example of this is when they eat their food and normally, they mess up so much it drives their mother (my sisters, or brothers) crazy. They are often told that if they do not eat their food properly, they are more likely to have less playtime which is a form of punishment. I understand that the reason why that is being done is that, they need to behave desirably, however, I would prefer if my sisters or brother will approach them in a different way. An example would be showing them how to do it and repeat the process until they get to the proper way of feeding themselves. They are no longer that young, they are at least 1st grade to 3rd grade which to my understanding should be able to behave very well. I would suggest that training would be more appropriate than punishment. As what was mentioned on module 6, punishment should be the last resort.


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