1. Am I a self-regulated learner?

Answer. Self-regulation means being personally responsible for their own success or failure. It entails setting a goal, and then strategically planning action, controlling and monitoring one’s of thoughts, feelings, behaviours in a cyclical process towards the achievement of the goal. Therefore, I may say that I am somewhat a self-regulated learner. I am personally responsible for my own success and failure. However, there were some instances that I am very dependent with what the teacher is teaching and rely on the reading materials provided. A self-regulated person strategically plan action towards achieving goals. I sometimes fail to follow my strategies and get lost along the way. learning these things like self-regulation helped me reflect and should consider planning and performing what I planned to do for the betterment of my learning.


2. Why can’t I think like an expert?

Answer. I would not say I do not have expertise. I am expert with some things that I normally do everyday. Let me put my sales job as an example. I am said to be an expert with what I do based on the number of sales I am able to do every months. I have been awarded as the sales person of the month for several months. One of the reason why I became expert with sales is because of my experiences and training I have attended several years back. As a sales expert, you have to understand the process or what the customers are thinking towards something that you are selling. I am not an expert learner because I need more experiences with the subjects I am taking. I can be an expert, maybe, in the near future if I continue to study more and try to find ways on how to learn better.

3. Will my participation in forum discussions will facilitate the transfer of my learning?

Answer. Transfer of learning pertains to the application previously learned in a new context. Participating in the forum discussions will definitely facilitate transfer of learning because not everyone in the forum has the same idea as you have and this will help them learn something from you which they may apply in their daily lives.


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