Theories of Intelligence

  1. What strategies do you use to learn? How do you know how well you have learned; what are your indicators of learning? According to your learning strategies, where do you (in practice) seem to stand in the nature-nurture debate?

One of the strategies I use to learn is reading as much as many references and trying to see what are the similarities and the differences among those references. After collecting all the data needed, I have to weigh them in and see which is the most accurate and use if for the final output. Most of the time, I read either before bedtime of during the first hours that I wake up. I find it easier to focus when I am starting my day in the morning since my mind is still free from any worries or stress for the day. It is easier for me to study when there is a quite place and the place is conducive. My room with an instrumental sound or no sound at all works for me. It is very important that I am ready with the resources and I tend to lose interest when something is not working right like an interrupted internet connection. I try to get away with social networking apps running in the background so that my attention is fully on the studies I am working on. Most of the time, I try to test what I have learned by going through the questions at the end of the lesson and answering them without looking at my materials. I will find out that I have learned something or not if I am able to answer it on my own and checking my materials afterwards if my answer match or even close to the one on the printed materials/references.

In the sense of nature-nurture intelligence debate, I can tell that I actually believe both ways in a sense that I am dependant on nature where I learn better like the classroom or the environment. In the nurture side, my family does not have academic achievements as a pattern; however, I am able to achieve a degree wherein not everyone in my family was able to do. In that case, I think I am able to nurture myself with intelligence that does not sun in my genes.

Discuss your own perspective about intelligence. In this light, address the following questions:

  • How have your personal views about intelligence affected the way you approach learning?
  • What are your ideas about the way teaching or testing can be done best?

As a learner, knowing these various types of intelligence helps me figure out what are my strengths and my weaknesses. Knowing my strength will help me use them to improve my weaknesses. Since I am aware what intelligences that need improvements, I will use my strength and apply or at least find out how to deal with my weaknesses with the use of the intelligence I have if applicable. An example of strength I have is Linguistic Intelligence and I one of my weaknesses is Bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence.

I will use my linguistic intelligence and communicate with my teacher and ask him/her to explain what I would have to do to improve my kinaesthetic abilities.

Testing can be done in many ways. If you want to test the intelligence of a person, for example, if you want to test the analytical ability of a student, then you will have to give problems that require analytical problems and see how he is able to answer it.

Best way of teaching is getting the students to engage themselves with their learning process because they direct their own learning; they are in the position to use their strength to learn as efficient as possible. Different students have difference levels of intelligences therefore different strategies may apply. You have to find out what are the strategies that best suites the students learning intelligence. Sometimes, it will be useful to group students ideally with different type’s intelligences so that they could learn from each other.

Are there ways in which you have already experienced multiple intelligence approaches in school, either with or without realizing it?

Yes, I am able to experience it when I am in the primary school and in the university. The type of intelligence is a bit more of dynamic in terms of when it happened and what level I was. When I was in primary school, normally we sing the letters of the alphabet to remember it. That type of intelligence falls primarily in musical intelligence however, it helped me improved my linguistic intelligence. When I had to do Physical Education class, it falls in bodily-kinaesthetic. It is amazing now that I try to go back with my schooling years, and seems to have these approaches were already used without me knowing it.

How can you design your own learning (in your present courses) so that you can tap your multiple intelligences?

The best way to design it is to know what are my weaknesses and strengths. Then designing learning strategies where I can compensate my weaknesses with my strength. This entails what intelligence I need for a specific learning task.


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