Metacognition and Self-Regulation

I have heard the word before but I never dig into it deeply therefore, to me it was just a word only until today. Metacognitive learning is important in learning since you will know what are the the topic that is important and worth reading. Metacognition has been described as a conscious awareness of one’s knowledge and the conscious ability to understand, control, and manipulate one’s own cognitive process. It would be more accurate to say that metacognitive strategies are almost always potentially conscious andpotentially controllable (Pressley, Borkowski, & Schneider, 1987).

The concept of self-regulation overlaps heavily with the preceding two terms; its focus is on the ability of the learners themselves to monitor their own learning (without external stimuli or persuasion) and to maintain the attitudes necessary to invoke and employ these strategies on their own. To learn most effectively, students should not only understand what strategies are available and the purposes these strategies will serve, but also become capable of adequately selecting, employing, monitoring, and evaluating their use of these strategies. (See Hallahan et al., 1979; Graham & Harris, 1992; Reid & Harris, 1989, 1993.)

Self-regulation is important in distance education because the student monitors his own learning without the pursuation from the teachers and to maintain the attitudes nescessary to invoke and employ these strategies on their own. Specially since distance education is conducted online, the teacher will not be able to monitor what the student is doing at a certain time of the day wherein he or she is supposed to be studying, hence self-regulation is essensial. 



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