Learning Styles (January 18-25)

I am not aware of what learning styles I was using or still using until I came up to the reading materials provided in this module. Knowing your learning style will make you focus on what you are lacking and what to improve in a way that you would want to try other learning styles and discover if it works for you or not. Having concrete idea is such learning styles suits you, will make it easier for your learning.

Active learning instructional strategies can be incorporated to improve learning in a classroom. It includes a wide range of activities that share the common element of “involving students in doing things and thinking about things they are doing” (Bonwell and Eison 1991).

It should also be noted that active learning instructional strategies can be completed by students either in-class or out-of-class, be done by students working either as individual or in group, and done either with or without the use of technology tools.

You would have to modify teaching in a way that it will bring improvement to the learning process of the students. You have to have several approaches in teaching in order to cater with students that have different learning styles. Considering the number of learning styles, and the number of students you have, it would be necessary to at least know your students and what their learning styles are for you to effectively administer an effecting teaching.







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