How is your study by Francis Mendoza

Francis Mendoza: From the topics presented and from our own pace of study, how are we doing with our study? Time for self check and self Feel free to share your thoughts, feelings etcsmile May God bless us all!

Brendon Macaraeg: It is such a challenging task to keep up with the timeline for our courses due to tha fact that I am working full time. It would be a lot easier if I am able to catch up and manage my time properly. Sometimes, I lose interests or maybe I am just to tired to do things for our studies. I am trying to motivate myself by going through our reading materials and checking my to do list and do at least 1 or 2 before heading to bed. How are your studies, Sir Francis?



  1. Hi Sir Brendon! First just call me Francis..;) To be honest with you..Right Now I am having difficulties too with regards to my study. Like you, I am working full time too. Every time I am losing the grip to study, I am just looking again with my plans, goals and targets. Somehow these reasons motivate me to study again and push me to put back myself in track. There were times also that I don’t want to open my portal anymore but because of my passion in teaching, I am motivating myself too. Sometimes I am losing the discipline towards my study and don’t know to manage my time at all but because of my ambition to be a teacher to fulfill and satisfy myself, I am trying to conquer all these hindrances. And of course with God’s grace, I believe I can do it, WE can do it. God bless us all!

    1. You can call me Brendon. Besides, I have not finished my Professional Teaching Program and we are classmates. How about calling each other classmates? hehe. I know the feeling. It is really hard when you are not going to school everyday and no one is keeping an eye on you. However, we can do it! On to graduation!

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